We are more than just the import/export Company. Moreover, our Company is engaged in the business of and act as agent, manufacturers, distributors, representative , traders, stockiest, importers, exporters, entitlement negotiators and, for that purpose manufacture buy sell exchange, market pledge, distribute or otherwise manufactures and deal in commodities, goods, articles, materials and things of every description and kind of including Automobile parts , Ball and Roller Bearings, beverages, Chemicals, Cotton, cycle- parts, Electronic goods, Fertilizer, Food (canned or otherwise).

Surya Marketing Limited has the ability are as :

To act as importer/exporters of Glass materials, Nylon, Synthetics, packing materials, pulp papers and products, PVC Resins, Rubber goods, Steel casting melting, Rolling and Rerolling and Tea, Telecommunication systems, Textile Readymade Garments, Timber products and any other materials and substances of all types and varieties and their products, by products and Compounds of any and every description and kind.

To carry on business of company established with the objects of financing industrial or other enterprises.

To acquire, build, construct, alter, maintain, enlarge, pull down. Remove or replace and to work, manage and control and buildings, offices, mills shops, engines, roadways, tramways, railways branches.

To act as agents, manufacturers, distributors, representatives, traders, and for that purpose manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, market, pledge, distribute or manufacture and deal in commodities, goods, articles, materials and things of every description.